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Vipul Group has launched another project called Vipul Lavanya at Sector 81, Gurgaon. This project would consist of apartments of various sizes. The Site of Vipul Lavanya is spread over 10.5 Acres of area and is meticulously planned to create large central greens and will host 11 Towers. Each Tower has 14 Storeys and 4 Apartments to a Core. Out of these 4 Apartments, 2 will be facing the Greens and 2 will face the outer side of the project.

Apartment Sizes:
1200 Sq.ft. 2 BHK
1530 Sq.ft. 3 BHK
1750 Sq.ft. 3 BHK (Large)
2250 Sq.ft. 4 BHK

Apartment cost:
The launch of the project is in September at Rs. 2950 as the basic selling price approximately. At this point there is a Rs 200-300 rebate as part of soft launch. In addition to this there is EDC & IDC which works out to Rs. 363 per sq.ft. and Rs. 50 as the IFMS. The Club Membership charges are Rs. 50,000/-.

There are some key PLC (Preferential Location Charges) depending on the location of the specific apartments:
Floor PLCs:
Ground Floor: Rs. 100 per sq.ft.
First Floor: Rs. 75 per sq.ft.
2nd & 3rd Floor: Rs. 50 per sq.ft.

Other PLCs:
Park Facing: Rs. 50 per sq.ft.

The location is not great as of now but may improve 3-4 years down the line after the project gets completed. As gurgaon gets full, developers are moving towards Manesar and this is very close to Manesar if you happen to work there. An investment worth exploring if you like the location and are ready for a 6 months to 1 year delay. That has happened in the past with Vipul.

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